3 Ways to Differentiate Between a Real and a Fake Psychic Reading

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The idea of a psychic reading teeters on a slippery slope. While it dives into an area that many don’t buy into or believe in, there actually is a tremendous amount of truth found when you run across the right individual. Every industry has their bad apples, but unfortunately, the psychic industry is filled with charlatans who will lead you on and literally promise you miracles for a dollar (or thousands in some instances!). There are also those who have no skills who will indirectly probe you for information and then basically repeat back to you what you said to them. Behavior of this sort has not only created the stigma attached to this industry, it has also led many to believe a psychic reading is nothing more than a hoax and a means to prey upon the emotionally unarmed.

People typically come for readings when they are going through a difficult challenge in their life. Whether this is a challenging relationship situation or a stressful financial condition, fake readings coupled with false hope don’t provide any level of value and only serve to make matters worse. You may end up being out money that you needed and you’ll sit around waiting for something to happen that was never going to manifest in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, psychics and intuitives aren’t perfect. Learning to translate the messages you get from beyond and then communicate them in a manner that fully resonates is a skill that is learned over time, but there are still several differences between a real psychic reading and something that only throws up red flag after red flag.

1.) Your Reader Asks You Question After Question

While a real psychic or intuitive may need to ask a question from time to time (for clarification) or for the purpose of gaining a bit of validation, constant questions during the entire reading is a sure fire sign that you are in the process of being duped. Authentic psychics and intuitives will usually only ask for information that helps them to connect to you and your situation. Readers who ask constant questions are only looking for a way to build upon the fallacy they are creating for you.

2.) Your Psychic Immediately Tries to Persuade you that Extra Services are Needed

If your advisor immediately starts pushing other services (love spells, candle lighting ceremonies, or other nonsense that promises full reconciliation with a long lost love) then it’s time to run. I do believe we have the power to manifest things into our life, but that doesn’t mean we can control the actions of others. Energies have the power to influence, but to put it simply: don’t believe that Sally the Psychic’s Super Duper Love Spell that costs $2000 is suddenly going to make Billy come running back to you. If there’s a chance for reconciliation or upcoming contact, an authentic advisor will simply tell you so. If the opposite is true, a genuinely gifted psychic or intuitive will communicate just that and then hopefully provide you with some tips and suggestions to help you move forward. Lies and deceit keep you locked within the confines of your own mind whereas the truth will always set you free.

3.) Your Psychic Claims to have 99.99% Accuracy (or some other absurd number)

Sadly, there really isn’t a way for any of us to measure accuracy. We rely heavily on feedback gained from our clientele and we will admittedly connect better with some than we do with others. When so called psychics utilize these fake accuracy percentages, they are simply trying to make you believe you should go to them. I can assure you those numbers are made up. It’s nothing more than a shady marketing tactic used to lure in potential new clients. Your best method is to read through an advisors written feedback. Then, if you feel drawn to that advisor, give them a try. You may be surprised.


There are several other factors that differentiate between what is real and what is not, but based on my experience, these three stand out the most. I have worked all aspects of this business from providing readings myself to working as an operations director running an entire network. I have personally seen many of the deceitful tactics used to well, screw people over. Be mindful of the advisors you choose to work with, rely heavily on their feedback/testimonials and then give an advisor a try if you feel intuitively drawn to him or her. As always, trust your own feelings and intuition in these matters. Your intuition, when listened to from a non biased point of view will not lead you astray.

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