After a long hiatus, I have redeveloped this site and am excited to work with all of you once again!

I believe in keeping things very real. I believe in providing honest straight forward truths. It's important to me that each individual I work with walks away feeling more comfortable with their situation. I primarily work with love and relationships due to a very keen ability to tune into the emotions of others and read both desire and intent. I can easily tell you how he or she is feeling, what is going on, and the direction you are headed. Situations like these can be stressful, but by working together, we can find real solutions rather than another temporary fix.

I also enjoy helping people along their own paths. All too often we feel lost or without direction, but I can help you once again find your way. It's important that you grasp onto every dream you have. We were all meant to achieve greatness in this life, but too often allow fear to block our way. I can help you move past this fear and embrace your life's calling.

I've been reading for and helping others along their own paths for several years, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I realized that this type of work was where I was supposed to be. I am compassionate, understanding, positive, and non-judgmental. I believe that each of us should live life in service to others, so I'm grateful whenever I'm given an opportunity to bring forth hope or provide additional clarity.

I am grateful that we have crossed paths and look forward to helping you with any answers you seek.

On a personal note...

I'm a father to two wonderful children. My daughter Carigan is twenty one and my son Ethan is seventeen. They mean everything to me and I'm very blessed to have them. In addition to reading for others and writing, I also enjoy getting out into nature as much as possible, working out as a means to stay healthy, am an avid bowler, and even love playing video games with my kids and friends.



Will be attending ASU starting this Fall! 



Also on her way to ASU this Fall and is pursuing nursing

“Of all the titles I’ve been privileged to have, ‘Dad’ has always been the best.”  ~Ken Norton


If you are ready to develop your own awareness and intuitive ability or if you are looking for an honest and compassionate reading, please check out my services