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You Must Be Present To Win – A Simple Way To Get In ‘The Now’

I’ve read all sorts of rhetoric about staying in the now as well as keeping ourselves in a present state and while I very much believe in it due to the amount of peace and clarity it brings, we are infrequently given direction on how to actually achieve this. Many different systems of belief expect […]

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Find Your Belief

While enjoying my first  cup of coffee this morning, I remembered an encounter from several years ago and it seemed relevant. I was taking a much needed weekend up north when, in the distance I spotted a quaint mystical shop nestled between the area’s Ponderosa pines. It was hidden away in the quiet part of […]

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Two Quick Steps to Develop Your Intuition and Abilities

A lot of people in my personal life ask me what exactly intuitive development is. Even though I get really excited when I talk about it, I wasn’t sure how to answer that question at first. I tend to be mindful of perception and I honestly don’t like to use the word psychic because of […]

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“Emotional pain due to difficult relationships, break-ups, etc. produces some of the most grueling feelings we will ever experience, but when the pain sets in from a step lower and attacks us at the very foundation – where all of our established security is swiftly ripped away from our battered hands, the feelings will magnify […]

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Are You Blocking Your Child’s Intuition?

I always appreciate the information that comes out of nowhere. It can happen anywhere. We can be lost inside our own mental palace and have information randomly fed to us while kicking back on a virtual beach. We can be driving along the highway in the middle of the night and have new thoughts flow […]

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My Guide to the Mystical Lenormand – Part II – House, Tree

I always find it interesting to see what happens when we don’t pay attention to things. I ordered this new deck on Friday night and didn’t even bother to think about delivery time.  Surprisingly, they actually showed up on Monday! I hadn’t even checked my mail. Apparently my guides wanted me to have this quickly. […]

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My Guide to the Mystical Lenormand – Part 1 – Rider, Clover, Ship

I haven’t been using cards for years like some readers and I used to actually be anti-card, but have found them to have a unique way of uncovering various scenarios in an individual’s life. They can be a great add on and reveal new pieces of information that ultimately help to complete the entire puzzle. […]

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It’s Your Time

Every once in a while I’m given an opportunity to connect with an individual that unknowingly inspires me to keep moving forward. These are the types of people that are completely true to themselves in every imaginable way. Even though they are seemingly unaware of it, they have a deeply embedded spiritual knowing, but it […]

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Shields to Zero

First and foremost, I do not claim to be another erudite master. It’s not my style to travel to the closet each morning, locate my sparkly guru hat, and then activate super self-righteous messiah mode prior to spending my entire day talking to people. When I first transitioned into this type of work, I was […]

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Magic Always Comes With a Price

I’m not much of a TV person, but do enjoy watching a few different shows. I ran across “Once Upon A Time” about five months ago and was immediately addicted. Emasculating possibly, but it’s actually an enjoyable show and I genuinely appreciate the unique story. Throughout the series, one of the characters (Rumpelstiltskin) always talks […]

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In addition to my development sessions, I am available for readings by appointment Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Tuesday and Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and on Saturday (appt only) from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. All times are MST. If you require a time outside my normal hours, please contact me so that we can setup a mutually acceptable time.

I also offer on the spot readings via Skype when I am available. These can be either per minute ($3.99/min) or flat rate based. Please check my status at the top of this page and feel free to get in touch.

For a full listing of what I offer, please check out my INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT and SERVICES pages.


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