Finding Your Spirituality

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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe spirituality has a broad range. I personally don’t see it as cut and dry or a rigid set of principles one is required to abide by and conform to, but it could be. The truth is—it can be anything you want. It’s a personal matter, a preference, an ever-evolving set of ideals one chooses to attach to and grow along with. There is no right or wrong here. Whether you choose to fit within the confines of a structured practice or prefer to crack open every new door and develop your own eclectic system of belief—you are still spiritual because you are following your path and living your truth.

Many will cross your path along the way. Some will uplift, some will inspire and some will even give you gentle nudges to help you along your way. There are others, however, who will try to lead you astray and make you believe yours is the wrong way. These types will also shout down at you from the top of their own self created mountains, but pay them no mind. There are no levels and truth is for you to find. You make your own rules, your decisions belong to you, and you are always welcome to follow whatever makes the most sense to you. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise or attempts to redefine your beliefs isn't worth your time. Comments like that come from a place of ego and that type of invasive energy is where you should draw the line. You deserve more and you deserve to freely explore.

I encourage you to walk with an open heart and an open mind. Do what makes sense to you. Be open to new ideologies and wrap your arms around anything that intuitively feels right. Don’t be afraid to let old beliefs go either. As we grow and evolve, it's normal to experience changes in perception which may alter what you feel. It's how we grow—so find your truths, share them, question everything and help to enlighten others by always speaking your mind. Only through this type of diversity can we all learn and reach the awareness we aspire to find.

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