Justice Always Gets Served

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What is written here has NOTHING to do with delusional ex-employees.

I’m going to go on a road trip tomorrow, I think I might drive back to Iowa and spend a few weeks there. It’s a 21 hour drive, but I’ve been trapped in this house for too long now. I know a lot of people have gone through it, but it’s the same shit every single day. I am an introverted person so I don't need to be around a bunch of people, but we all still need to experience some diversity in our lives.

None of this excuses shitty behavior, though. Regardless of how lousy the environment is,  how new something is or experiences that don't make complete sense, we are still responsible for our own actions. Justice will always get served.

I usually draw and write these little tarot things in the mornings because it's a release. Nobody really reads them, but I don't care. I just do it because it's enjoyable. I felt the urge to grab my Deviant Moon deck tonight . I haven’t used this one in a few years now. It’s pretty blunt. It gets right down to it and throws things at you in black and white.  There’s no holding back. It’s the one you want to grab when you need to be put in check. What I didn't expect to see was a bunch of stuff that applied to me directly.  When it comes to actual readings, I'm completely blind to my own situations or in situations where I'm biased, but I'm appreciative of good guidance.

Now, in most decks, Judgement paints a picture of an ascension like activity where people throw their arms up in the air, flail them around a bit,  and then magically hear a calling to a greater purpose. It's very different in this one, though. These people are freaked out. The one on the right doesn’t want to face the consequences and the dude in the middle definitely knows he’s caught.  I think the mom's concern, besides her baby, is the fact that even though we may think our intentions are good at times, things don't work right if the actions taken don't align. I thought I had this figured out, but apparently not.

Sadly, intentions alone are irrelevant. You can intend to increase your revenue stream, but if you don’t do anything about it, nothing happens. You may want to make a drastic shift in order to regain your power and assert your independence, but if you don't put all your effort into it, it won't happen soon enough. You can even intend to do something nice for someone else, but not think about how the content itself or the approach could be perceived. Imagine possibly being offensive when that was the last thing you wanted to do. Good intentions will have bad results when the actions are rushed.

When the two don’t blend, you get thrown in jail. It's that simple. It’s like getting shoved into the closet and not knowing if someone is going to open up the door again.  It’s an uncomfortable feeling.

It also looks like the guy is figuring out how to escape, but this is another message. It's about boundaries. He’s pushing people away and that needs to be respected. It could be for the reasons above or it could be due to something else entirely. That stuff isn’t our business. Boundaries matter regardless. I, unfortunately, have a tendency to just barge right in sometimes myself and it isn't right.

Facing the judge isn't fun either. This guy here is a brute and I feel bad for the little fish.  He's tough, but he's fair. If what you put out there aligns with your good intentions and comes from an authentic place, the result is usually good. If it isn't,  you get thrown in the cage. If you are lucky enough to get out, make sure you learn from it.

I think authenticity is the hardest. I always push the need to be yourself,  but damn do I struggle with it at times. I'm good at it in situations where I can just kick back comfortably and talk.  Expectations go away in those instances and everything just feels relaxed. Sometimes that just takes the tiniest thing. I can't do the masks anymore, though. It's like sometimes I activate whatever concoction fits a scene. I'm just going to throw it all out there the best I can now. I am who I am.  People can take it or leave it. I would encourage all of you to do the same. When you don't, it produces that same similar caged feeling. In addition, I believe when people connect in an authentic manner, it's easier to develop a real sense of trust and everything is much more relaxed and low key. Tense situations are confusing.

Make sure to also keep your head and your heart aligned, not just for today, but in general. Think about the things you do. Remember to think outside of yourself; it can make a real difference.  Don't sabotage things because Justice is always watching from the corner. Keep yourself aware.


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