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Arizona sunsets are truly a phenomenon. Splashes of pink, orange, red, purple and blue dance together in perfect harmony across the entire sky. It’s as if an artist created a palette directly from the heavens above, and then, in an elegant display of artistic perfection, paints messages of wonder, love and harmony for everyone to feel and see.


I don’t necessarily enjoy writing about my own situations, but yesterday was an emotional day. I pride myself on being easy going, someone who keeps it together and maintains balance, but there are always exceptions. It happens to the best of us and to be honest, I am the type who operates primarily from a place of raw emotion anyway. I feel deeply and am inherently introverted until I feel comfortable. It's simply who I am and who I always have been. I have no desire to change those particular aspects of myself, but there are days where it’s simply difficult to deal with it especially when it comes to matters that hit me right at the core.

It doesn’t happen frequently, but I’m sure you have run across someone you felt an instant connection to. It’s a bolt out of the blue that sends a surge through your entire soul. It happens immediately and it’s as if both people already know each other at a higher level without ever exchanging a single word. There is a natural comfort level and it’s someone you simply cannot wait to get to know. In most cases, the attraction that comes along with these types of connections is off the charts, too. It’s unparalleled and innately passionate. The feelings and primal desire you may experience will be like nothing else. You know the ones I’m talking about. These soul level connections are simply some of the most amazing people you will ever run across. They come in for a variety of reasons, but this one had me really lost in my head. I didn't think that could still happen.

When this happened to me a while back, it knocked me clean out of my chair. I was captivated, enchanted, and I believe it was mutual based on everything I felt. Of course, I have no idea what all of it means nor do I know how to intuit the feelings since I’m completely clueless when it comes to my own situations, but it was truly a breath of fresh air. It admittedly made me a bit nervous and what I learned is that anxiety, nerves, and unnecessary worries can tarnish these situations. These types of negative feelings can make us feel unworthy. They can create a lot of self-doubt, they can change the vibe, and in turn, literally weaken the tie. I worried I was imagining things. I thought perhaps I was delusional and focusing in on something that wasn’t real and I also felt terribly insecure. If anything, it showed me I do indeed still have the capacity to connect at this level, but I also have some work to do on myself and I need to learn how to better follow my own advice. I help with these types of connections all the time in my day to day work, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve experienced one myself.

I’m the type that either feels connected to someone right away or not really at all. There is no growing on me; it either is or it isn’t. It has always been this way and I’m fine with that, but after yesterday it’s clear I need to get back into the moment. When you are immersed in the now, there are no expectations for the future. Your mind no longer has the capacity to create unrealistic scenarios that can ultimately rip you away from these types of natural highs. You simply are and you continue to tread forward in your own way without holding onto negative ideas that will bring you down. Simply put, you have to stop worrying about it. If things come about and develop, they do. If they don’t, they don’t. The latter isn’t always easy to swallow, but I believe taking immediate action on a feeling shows a lot of personal strength. I still feel it strongly, but I don't know what it means so time will tell.  For now, it’s time for me to listen to my own advice, get on with my day and be grateful I was presented with an opportunity to feel something like this again. It even inspired me to do something completely outside of my normal comfort zone and I'm appreciative of that.

The next time you run across one of these types of connections, go with the flow, stay in the moment, and don’t allow yourself to overthink it. Open the doors of communication in an authentic way as soon as you can, explore it to see what it’s all about, and trust that it means something. Be 100% true to who you are and don’t allow yourself to think ahead. Just stay in the right now. Things are always changing, but when we jump on opportunities as soon as they present themselves and keep ourselves in these unique timeless moments, anything is possible. It’s no different than the breathtaking sunsets we experience out here in the desert. When you catch them at the right time and absorb all of the associated feelings, they will uplift your soul, but if you don’t seize that moment, they can be gone in an instant.

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