Whether you are looking for a quick synopsis of a current situation or an in depth analysis of a critical matter, we will work together to ensure you receive the clarity you deserve. I very much look forward to connecting with you!!

I primarily work with love and relationships, but am also quite happy to read on career, finances or other matters.

I offer live readings, prepaid email Lenormand and Tarot Readings and a subscription plan for week ahead readings.

Use the links below to see each reading type:

Live Readings


Lenormand Card Readings


If you would like to book a reading, please use the Purple Button on the right hand side of this page to enter a SECURE payment and booking area. I offer 15 and 30 minute live phone or chat readings and single session psychic development appointments. If you need a time outside of my normal hours, please send a message via the contact form in the booking area. 

15 Minute Reading - $50.00 USD

30 Minute Reading - $75.00 USD

Limited Time Offer 20% Off - Three 15 Minute Reading Bundle (can be redeemed at any time) - $120.00

1 Hour Single Session Development - $100.00 USD



At this time, I only offer one subscription plan. This is a weekly reading delivered via email that provides you with detail on what to expect in the coming week. I will use a combination of Lenormand, Tarot and my intuition to provide you with a high level synopsis of the upcoming week. I will also provide you with a weekly general guidance Oracle card to ensure the best possible week. This is a great way to get a head start on your week! For a limited time, this plan is only $19.99 monthly.


2-3 paragraphs detailing your week sent to you each Sunday for the upcoming week. I will also include pictures of any cards taken for your reference.

Please subscribe via the Paypal links below and make sure to include your name and email address to ensure proper delivery.


I also offer 3, 5, and 9 Lenormand Card Readings. While not as detailed as a live session, these readings will provide you with basic information and details regarding your specific situation. To order, please use the dropdown below and make sure to include your question and or situation in the comments field when checking out.

3 Card - This option is good for Yes/No types of scenarios and also provides detail on the situation at hand. While not as detailed as 5 or 9 card spreads, this is a good option for simple inquiries. This option is limited to a single question only.

5 Card - This option is a mid level Lenormand reading that provides a high level synopsis of your question as well as past, present and future information so you know what to expect. This is one of my main spreads when I need additional info during my live sessions. This is also limited to a single question or situation.

9 Card - This option provides you with the most detail, upcoming actions, upcoming energy, the force currently around your situation and the energies you have control over. This is a great tool for more complicated situations as it provides a tremendous amount of detail. Nine card readings will answer up to 3 questions about one particular situation.

All Written Card Readings are returned within 3 business days. For immediate answers, please book a live session via the purple Book Reading button found on the side of this page.


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