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Have you ever had your whole world come crashing down? The structures you built tumble to the ground and everything that meant something to you transforms to dust and rubble. It can happen in the blink of an eye and you will be left standing alone to forage through the aftermath for memories that still matter. You may not even want to. It’s so much easier to hide. It’s easier to tuck yourself away within the sanctity of a lightless cave and focus only on the pain, but pain knows no mercy. Its blade will stab you over and over again and still become your closest friend. Even when your tears run dry and your once strong presence starts to wither away, your new friend will still be right at your side. It will consume every last bit of you until you breathe that final sigh.

Pain was a good friend of mine for quite some time. I know what it’s like to have your world torn apart. I know how it is to sit alone at night and question your own mortality. I understand it when someone is frozen in fear and unable to move, and I know how it feels to drown in one’s own tears.

Like many, I used to turn to faith to find hope. Some would lead us to believe our circumstances were due to planetary waves. Others paint pictures full of glitter and gold and promise that abundance and healing is already on the way. Then, there are those who go as far as telling us to allow it to happen because it’s simply his way.

I used to buy into a lot of this. I used to believe our lives were mapped out and our fates already sealed, but not anymore. I do consider myself spiritual, but no belief system is allowed to take your power away. Your power, your energy and your raw emotions are the driving forces for your soul. This is where your gifts are found and where your own unique voice is born. This is your most sacred place and the one true thing you own. You have every right to protect it and I promise you do have the strength and vigor to rebuild it.

Just as emotional pain and fear can multiply inside of you, your innate ability to overcome and survive can do the same. Reach in deep and find that last remaining sliver of strength. Wage war against your circumstances and promise yourself a real, long lasting, positive change. Then, stand tall, draw your sword and fight the final battle against every one of your inner demons. Slash them down right where they stand and then feed upon their remains. Start where you are and create a new foundation. You will find a way. Remind yourself nobody is meant to suffer and experience this type of emotional pain.

Make today your day. Rebuild your world. Work until you fall asleep in your chair, build until your hands crack and stay focused until your eyes begin to water. Never again allow yourself to lose sight of what you want to accomplish or who you are.

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