Fall Equinox 2020 – Expanding Your Empire / Financial Gain

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Experiencing a real Fall has been a welcome change of pace for me. Back in the desert, it’s still quite hot and won’t start cooling down until mid October. Don’t get me wrong, 70 degree Christmas days can be nice, but the change of scenery out here has been refreshing. I do miss Arizona sunsets, though. There is nothing like them.

For this new season, I wanted to throw down some Lenormand in order to get focus points and originally I had planned to send out something quick over social media, but there is a lot of information here. Keep in mind the read below will be a bit on the general side since it caters to multiple people, but it will still have some good information. One on one readings with this divination style tend to be very specific.

I like Lenormand. Not only for the specificity, but because I work better with symbols and puzzles when I want quick concise information or additional detail regarding a situation. It gets right to the point and provides me with everything I need. Now this deck, the Mystical Lenormand, also has a lot of good imagery which helps to give the stories even more detail and can offer guidance as well.

On an aside, I remember being told several years back that imagery doesn’t matter in Lenormand, but I promise you it does the very moment you allow it to.

Expanding Your Empire / Financial Gain - Fall 2020

Fall is a season of transition and change and along with that change comes an opportunity to explore different roads, forge new paths and for this reading specifically, gain new levels of financial independence.

When I first looked at these, it was clear to me it had a lot to do with money. Sometimes the Fish card represents duality (duplicity when next to the snake) or even the strongest connections in your life, but overall, it’s very much a money card. Seeing the House solidified that for me. At times, the House is just a house, but usually it’s about the strong foundations in your life. It’s where you feel safe and secure. Just think of it as your actual home or what you are in the process of building.

When you look at this card, it appears as though some upgrades have already been made to the home, so I believe the main reason for the financial focus is for the purpose of continued expansion. There is also a peacock on the card which is guiding you to come into your power while remaining authentic. Lastly, there is a bouquet sitting on the window sill. Lenormand Bouquets represent beauty, vitality, gifts (abilities when close to the moon or stars), invitations, and are also relevant in dating/relationship situations. But here, the message is simple—there is a lot of growth desired and it’s going to take a lot of work, but the universe is ready to give you this gift. Just choose the best roads, stay confident and be yourself.

The Crossroads card usually implies new paths, decisions or choices, and all of those are relevant, but here it’s more about choosing the right roads and branching yourself out in order to obtain the most growth. Time is of the essence, though. Had I used one of my Ciro Marchetti decks, I'm confident the Time card would have fell out of the deck. Your decisions need to be made swiftly or you can get trapped in your head and feel bogged down. Trust your judgment and go. Pay attention to the signs and you’ll be fine (there's even a bird here pointing you to the right road). There will be some obstacles along the way no matter the paths you choose, but go with your gut and don’t let any distractions pull you downstream. It’s really time to put yourself first. Trust it’s okay to try to new things right away and open the door to new opportunities by branching out and collaborating with like minded individuals when possible.

The final card, The Fish, is indicative of your destination. This is where the monetary side of things starts to roll in and when you will have the opportunity to truly expand. A lot of us aren't motivated by money, but at the end of the day, we still have bills to pay, a lifestyle to uphold, and being able to invest funds back into your own endeavors is a great feeling. What I like the most about this card is the fact it’s still Fall here. You can reach this level of independence and expansion before winter hits if you stay dedicated. This is yet another reason why time is important. There’s also a child sitting by the small home, which in Lenormand, symbolizes newer beginnings. Overall, you are being given a chance here to really take things to the next level, improve your financial state and start something newer.

As mentioned before, obstacles and challenges will exist no matter the path you take, but you can control some of them.  First, don’t take roads that lead you to the mountains. Mountains in Lenormand are big obstacles and will slow you down.

Second, stay away from Rusalka. In Slavic folklore she is known to be a malevolent spirit who pulls people underwater until they drown.  Even though she has legs, I personally see her as the evil version of The Little Mermaid based on some of the lore I read. Her expression may make her appear friendly, but she is not. Indecision can pull you down to her and she can also be seen here as a distraction. I assure you she will do her best to constrain you which will stop you in your tracks. All in all, be mindful of taking paths that don’t align with your ideals, overthinking and distractions that don’t serve your higher good.


To summarize, House + Crossroads + Fish equals taking different roads, trying new things and branching yourself out as a means to grow your empire and improve your financial standing. There will be challenges along the way, so it’s critical to avoid blocked paths, overthinking and energies who only serve to distract you and stop you from achieving your goals. Collaborate only with those who have common values.

Success is really imminent here. The fact this spread ends in the Fish card speaks volumes so the time to start is right now. Think about the direction you want to go in or new avenues you have yet to explore. As soon as something hits and feels right, go for it, don’t look back, stay diligent, be confident and remain authentic. When you do, you will achieve the independence you desire prior to the onset of winter, improve your financial standing and you may even find a new passionate purpose.

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