Inkromancy Tarot – The Best Tower Card I’ve Ever Seen

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A while back, one of my Twitter contacts (@MaysTarot) mentioned the Inkromancy Tarot deck. It's an amalgamation of sorts and a collaborative effort where seventy eight different tattoo artists each provided their unique take on the Tarot. It's Rider Waite themed, but the imagery is much different from what one would normally expect. It doesn't share a common theme like most of the decks out there, but regardless of that, I find it to be quite powerful. When she first shared it, I added it to my list straight away, but finally got around to picking it up this past week.

While I haven't yet had the opportunity to really dive into all the cards, this one really stood out to me. It was designed by Zion Guzman (@zion.guz) and never before have I ran across a Tower card I truly love. This one spoke volumes to me and I'd honestly love an entire deck created by this artist. Normally associated with destruction, mayhem and pretty much everything else that could be bad, I find this Tower to be more mentally focused than anything else. I also strongly feel it has a lot to do with one's overall awareness level and openness to the beyond.

I first pulled it the evening prior to election and for guidance purposes, I felt it had a lot to do with controlling one's temper. Overall the image represented a head to me and when I looked, the eye appeared to be bloodshot. Then I saw someone walk up those stairs and extinguish the fire. To me, that meant they needed to go cool down before something was said they would later regret. It came across as more of a preventative in this instance because I saw the raindrops as drizzle and with the way things have been going in the world here lately, even a few drops of rain triggers people.

There are myriad meanings here (depending on context) and of course, you can define this as you see fit, but I also very much saw someone who needed to clear the clouds around their own intuitive abilities or clear their mind in general. The individual's sight was blocked. So, it made sense to me to burn away the confusion and dig into one's mind to better understand what needed to be done to achieve clarity.

I'm not normally one to define specific symbols as I prefer to feel out the general vibe of the whole card, but here's my quick take on what I've seen so far. And again, define as you see fit.


Eye - sight, mind, awareness level, opening up one's intuitive ability

Eye Fire - Headaches, flared tempers and could even imply some level of new inspiration that is positive and unexpected.

Clouds / Lightning - confusion, uncertainty, lost in one's head, not thinking through situations, reacting instead of processing

Raindrops - tears/sadness, imbalance between thoughts/feelings, creating emotions based on something that is unclear

Stairs - Journey, digging into one's mind, mental healing, looking for clarity

Rays of Sunshine (background) - Clearer days are ahead, expanding one's mind and sight.

Bottom Fire - descending into the abyss. I see this one as more of a warning of what couldĀ happen if the issue remains unaddressed

5 Fingerprints - I'm uncertain on this one, it hasn't hit me yet. If you have an idea, let me know!

Grainy background - Lack of overall foresight or helps to reinforce the need to see clearly in general.

I do hope to do more of these as I go through this deck and others. If you have any comments, suggestions or alternative ideas on this card, I'd love to hear your take. There are folks out there much more experienced than I am and I value your input.

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