July 2020 Guidance Readings

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For the month of July 2020, I put together some guidance related readings based on various themes for each of the signs. I genuinely struggle with the idea of predictive based readings that cater to more than one person. I feel it's unethical and I also feel it can sometimes create expectations that serve to hold people back. Something can seem much greater than it actually is. Predictive based readings in one on one situations are fine so long as the person receiving the information continues to stay focused on the present and doesn't allow what's upcoming to create a state of inaction.


Aries - July 2020 - Achieving Success

Taurus - July 2020 - Loyalty To New Goals

Gemini - July 2020 - Kicking It Up a Notch

Cancer - July 2020 - Achieving Success

Leo - July 2020 - Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Virgo - July 2020 - Passionate Pursuits 

Libra - July 2020 - Our Authentic Selves

Scorpio - July 2020 - Security & Spiritual Journey

Sagittarius July 2020 -Manifesting Wishes and Dreams 

Capricorn - July 2020 - Enhancing Communication 

Aquarius - July 2020 - Managing Commitments 

Pisces - July 2020 - New compatible connections

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