June 2020 – Mercury Retrograde – Emotional Wellness

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I never used to be much of a believer in periods like Mercury Retrograde. I had a hard time giving power (and still do) to certain astrological and other types of events that exacerbate unreasonable superstitious behavior, but I’ve also found there is a lot of truth to the challenges we can face during these times.  Some folks associate it with delays, unexpected breakdowns, miscommunication, arguments with loved ones, and so on. They will also go as far as to tell us we shouldn’t enter into new business agreements or start new relationships. While some of that may be true, I believe it’s more important to focus in on the positive changes we can make within ourselves.

I strongly feel this particular cycle has a lot to do with our emotions. It’s about getting back in touch with ourselves, releasing old demons, and emerging feeling fresh and brand new. The first half of this year has been a nightmare for most of us. Even now, when I go into an establishment, I can literally feel the anxiety bleeding from the walls. People are fearful and uncertain. I understand why, but these types of feelings only compound inside of us and can grow to unhealthy levels if not properly addressed. When you add personal drama to the mix, it only serves to bring you down even further. However, during this period, I strongly believe you will be able to come out of it feeling fresh. I believe it’s an opportunity for you get your mojo back and tackle the remainder of the year with a renewed attitude. It doesn’t mean there won’t still be challenges along the way, but when we take the time to reconcile our feelings and let go of old situations, it gives us an opportunity to move past any obstacles blocking our path. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to some of the nostalgia you feel during this cycle as well as unexpected periods of synchronicity. Nostalgia often reminds us of periods where our emotions were in order and synchronicity can inspire us to research symbology that helps us move forward even when the associated feels are far from ideal.

To help out, I created a short video series using my Lenormand cards for each of the different signs. These videos can help you navigate this period from an emotional standpoint. These aren’t predictive readings, but more so a road map to ensure your continued success and forward movement. I’m including links to each of the videos below.

Please feel free to also check out your Rising and Moon signs as there could be information you find relevant. 


No matter the circumstances out there, no matter the fear that is thrown in our face every single day, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and an opportunity to grow in a very positive way.


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