My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Eights

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Eight of Swords

Bound, blindfolded and abandoned, an anxiety striken woman is left to fend for herself.

General Behavior/Persona: Anxious, Worried, Paranoid

Keywords: Anxiety, Victimization, Imprisonment, Subdued, Mental Traps, Abandonment

Thoughts: When this Eight shows you may feel as though you cannot act as you wish or you might be experiencing a high level of anxiety. Take a breather if need be, loosen the bonds keeping you stuck in a mental prison and make an effort to change your focus.


Eight of Wands

In a unified display of excitement, a group of vagabonds point to a new shore. 

General Behavior/Persona: N/A

Keywords: Movement/Momentum, Progress, Achievement, Discovery

Thoughts: When this Eight shows in your reading, you could have discovered something new, achieved a goal or made astounding progress on your path. Take time to celebrate what you have accomplished so far and make sure you continue to keep your sights set high.

As an alternate, this card can also imply physical movement. If you have considered a new job or wanted to relocate to a new area, this is likely a good time to pursue that goal.

Eight of Cups

Leaving everything behind in hopes to find a better version of himself, a nomad ventures into the desert

General Behavior/Persona: Quiet, Introverted, Empathic, Intuitive

Keywords: Spiritual Journey, Abandonment, Discovery, Letting Go of the Past, Moving On

Thoughts: When this Eight of Cups shows, you are likely ready to enter a new phase of your life. You have learned the lessons from your past and are ready to move onward into something better. You may even be leaving a job, a relationship, or another part of your past altogether.

As an alternate, this card can also imply a spiritual journey. You may feel a need to be alone at this time. Stay open minded and know you will find the insight you seek.

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Eight of Pentacles

Zoned in to a fault, an aspiring young artist works to master his craft.

General Behavior/Persona: Detail Oriented, Disciplined, Artsy

Keywords: Work, Progress, a Grind, Mastering One’s Craft

Thoughts: When this Eight shows in your reading, you are likely heavily focused on a project or goal. Regardless of the challenges around you, this is a good time to keep moving forward with it. Stay engaged, see your work all the way through and trust the benefits you seek will come.

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