My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Knights

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Knight of Swords

Riding gallantly, an adventurous soul looks onward and sees directly through the haze. 

General Behavior/Persona: Brash, Direct, Logical/Analytical, Confident, In Your Face

Keywords: Truth as a foundation, Logic, Order, Uncovering Mystery

Thoughts: This Knight is quick witted, intelligent and quite intuitive. He’s the type who won’t stop until he uncovers the truth of a situation. While he usually finds answers to everything he seeks, his approach can be rather off putting. He means well, but can come across arrogant and combative.

When he shows in your reading, it’s a good time to cut through any confusion and get to the truth of the matter. Rely heavily on your mind and use rationality and logic to solve any complex problems.
As an alternate, this card can also point to uncovering mystery. What was once hidden is likely to reveal itself. Keep searching.


Knight of Wands

Showy as always, a farmhand rides confidently toward the sunrise

General Behavior/Persona: Confident, Passionate, Extroverted, Motivating, Tempermental

Keywords: Inspiration, Adventure, Seizing the Moment

Thoughts: This Knight is loud, boisterous and the type who always shares whatever is on his mind. Even though he’s the person to turn to when a project needs fresh energy, it is likely he will abandon it shortly after his arrival. If he grows bored, he rides onward.

When he shows in your reading, it’s a good time to saddle up and prepare to follow everything you feel in your heart. Be confident about your passionate pursuits and work to see everything through to the end. Success awaits you.

Knight of Cups

Singing songs of love, a debonair woman rides graciously through the valley in search of the one. 

General Behavior/Persona: Empathic, Loving, Emotional

Keywords: A Lover or Partner, Seeking Union, Emotional Love, Romance

Thoughts: This Knight is a poetic dreamer who thrives on emotional love and real connection. However, when things aren’t going her way, she can become obsessive and turn toxic.

When she shows in your reading, romance is on the horizon. You may be seeking a new connection or looking to strengthen a current one. Allow your emotions to flow freely and openly share everything you feel in your heart.
As an alternate, this Knight can also imply a need to get back in touch with your emotions. If you have felt disconnected or battled with excess negativity as of late, tap into your heart and allow it to reopen.

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Knight of Pentacles

Alone in the fields after a long day of labor, a young man carefully ponders his next move.

General Behavior/Persona: Loner, Friendly, Soft Spoken, Easy Going

Keywords: Loyalty, Seclusion, Grounded in Reality, A Close Friend

Thoughts: While he prefers to keep his circle small, this knight is loyal to a fault and is always there for those he cares for. He’s also a hard worker and his easy going demeanor brings a sense of calm to any situation. Because of this, others turn to him quite often when they need their situation looked at in a practical way. He’s certain to come up with new solutions or at minimum, ease some of the tension and confusion.

When he shows in your reading, it’s a good time  to get grounded. Spend some time alone if needed and carefully ponder your next steps.
As an alternate, this Knight can also represent close friendships. Be grateful for the real friends you have in your life and know you can turn to them when you need to.

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