My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Nines

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Nine of Swords

Seduced by her own fears, a young woman gives in to the forces surrounding her. 


General Behavior/Persona: Anxious, Easily Molded, Sexual

Keywords: Fears, Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Mental Crisis, Sexual Activity

Thoughts: When this Nine shows, you are likely being ruled by your fears and experiencing mental anguish as a result. Take time to surrender into what you are feeling so that you can better process your current experience and find the best way out.

As an alternate, this card can also imply sexual matters or the presence of spiritual forces. Be mindful what you give your attention to.


Nine of Wands

Recently released for good behavior, a grifter ponders his next move. 

General Behavior/Persona: Easy Going, Extroverted, Candid

Keywords: Inner Strength, Fortitude, Pushing Through, Perseverance

Thoughts: When this Nine shows, it is likely you have either recently completed a very challenging chain of events or are about to. Take a moment to regroup, pull from the remaining strength you have left and push on through. New journeys and discoveries await.

Nine of Cups

Deserted and alone, a man sits wondering if his wishes will ever come true. 

General Behavior/Persona: Melancholy, Lonely

Keywords: Difficult Luck, Ghosting, Being Alone/Loneliness, Not seeing the full picture

Thoughts: When this Nine shows in your reading, you could feel down on your luck. Even though things might not be going your way, take a step back and look at the full picture. It is likely there are better opportunities and options available to you. You simply need to look for them.

As an alternate, and in a relationship sense, this card can also imply being stood up and/or ghosted.

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Nine of Pentacles

Overcome with exhaustion, a once wealthy business owner hopes this year’s crop will help her to recover past losses.

General Behavior/Persona: Introverted, Independent, Analytical, Moody

Keywords: Self Employment, Independence, Exhaustion, Recovering Loss, Success at a cost

Thoughts: When this Nine shows in your reading, it is a good time to assert your independence and find the inner strength to keep pushing through. It is possible you are trying to recover losses, overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion, or perhaps you are simply trying to make ends meet after a difficult period. Keep going and know your efforts will be rewarded soon enough.

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