My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Pages

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Page of Swords

Finding the best vantage point, an outerland savage prepares for the next hunt.

General Behavior/Persona: Extroverted, Stealthy, Animalistic, Candid, A Free Thinker

Keywords: Observation/Analysis, Planning, Seeking Higher Ground, Rational/Free Thought

Thoughts: This Page is intelligent, witty, intuitive and an expert observer who tries to gain as much knowledge as possible before taking action. However, due to his busy mind, he sometimes gets distracted easily which makes it difficult for him to finish what he starts.

When he shows in your reading, it’s likely a good time to look at your situation from the outside in. Seek higher ground and try to focus in on the big picture so that you can gain as much knowledge as possible. This will allow you to make logical choices that best align with your end goals.


As an alternate, this card can also point to snap judgments. Make sure you aren't accidentally judging a book by its cover. Get to know the person in question first before developing an opinion.


Page of Wands

After a long days hike, a grifter lights up to clear his mind.

General Behavior/Persona: Grungy, Easy Going, Intuitive, Passionate

Keywords: Passion, Inspiration, Seeing something through to the end, Acting on Impulse, Relaxation

Thoughts: This Page is passionate, impulsive and the type who gets bored easily. When he feels inspired, he will act on it immediately and reward himself accordingly. While this behavior is beneficial in some ways—a lack of thinking things through can put him in situations where he forgets about some of his other responsibilities.

When this Page shows in your reading, it’s a good time act on your impulses. Trust your intuition at this time and go for what you want. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of what else is important to you.


As an alternate, this card can also point to a need to relax. Take some downtime if needed, cool your fire and clear your mind. Doing so will help you see clearly again.

Page of Cups

Finding comfort in her newly found feelings, a young woman tries her best not to get pulled all the way under

General Behavior/Persona: Gentle, Introverted, Loving, Carefree

Keywords: Exploration of Feeling, Creativity, Beginning of Love, Intuition

Thoughts: This Page is soft, creative, empathic and the type who loves to explore her feelings. While she is wildly intuitive and naturally attuned to subtle energy changes, her lack of critical thinking skills can cause her to stay in an imaginative state for too long.

When she shows in your reading, not only is it ideal to immerse yourself in creative endeavors and better trust your feelings, it’s also a good time to further explore the depths of your emotional waters. Immerse yourself into them, but don’t drown. Balance is key.

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Page of Pentacles

Sweltering in the sun, a burly man prepares for another laborious day of desert scavenging.

General Behavior/Persona: Gruff but friendly, Outgoing/Extroverted, Good sense of humor, Sensible

Keywords: New Opportunity, New Foundations, Practicality, Manual Labor

Thoughts: This Page may appear a bit rough around the edges, but he is as friendly as they come. He is also hard working and the type who loves to dig his hands into the ground in order to maintain his center. While he’s quick to seize new opportunity, he can sometimes get too caught up in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture.

When he shows in your reading, it’s a good time to ground and take on new opportunity when it presents itself. It’s also an ideal time to expand upon what you have already started building.


As an alternate, this card can also represent manual labor, e.g. construction, landscaping, and other blue collar work.

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