My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Queens

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Queen of Swords

Stern and succinct, an outerland expert teaches new arrivals the way of the road. 

General Behavior/Persona: Direct, Objective, Intuitive, Candid, Creative

Keywords: Teacher/Trainer, Advocacy, Intellectual Reliance, Rationality

Thoughts: This Queen is bold, sharp and extremely comfortable in her own skin. Due to an intolerance for ignorance, she can come across brash at times, but she is actually quite caring. It’s simply important to be direct and to the point when working with her.

When she shows in your reading, it’s a good time to put logic at the forefront and work to get to the bottom of any situations by use of your mind. You may also find you are mentoring others or a mentor may appear in your life. Stay open to the possibilities.
As an alternate, this is also a good time to trust your intuition. Pay close attention to the messages you receive and then use your analytical mind to develop an effective action plan.


Queen of Wands

Classy as always, a local mayoral candidate promises better living conditions for all.  

General Behavior/Persona: Confident, Charismatic, Intelligent, Outgoing, Charming, Social

Keywords: Leadership, Interviews, a Host, Attentiveness, Making a Move, Following Passion

Thoughts: This Queen is fiery, passionate and the type who lights up a room by her presence alone. She also has a unique ability to bring out the best in others and inspire them to be at their greatest.

When she shows in your reading, it’s a good time to be social and take the lead on any outstanding projects, Allow your fire to flow freely and don't hold back. Success is on the horizon.
As an alternate, and in a relationship sense, this Queen can also point to someone waiting for you to initiate further. It’s likely a good time to take charge of your connection and openly share what you feel at the core.

Queen of Cups

Contemplating her next move, a peace loving woman lets the waters to settle before making any rash decisions.

General Behavior/Persona: Empathic, Psychic, Balanced, Creative, Peaceful, Full of Life

Keywords: Emotional Balance/Stability, Patience, Finding One’s Calm, Trusting Feelings, Waiting For The Right Time, A Pause in Activity, a Counselor/Therapist

Thoughts: This Queen is calm, emotionally balanced and spiritually in tune. She’s also quite empathic and her high levels of emotional intelligence make her an ideal counselor.

When she shows in your reading, it’s likely a good time to sit on your feelings for the time being. While it’s important to trust them, take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find your balance before making any decisions.
As an alternate, this Queen can also point to a need to discuss your situation or emotional state with someone else. Be transparent and allow any difficult emotions to flow out of you. Or, it’s possible others may flock to you in order to gain new insight. Be there for them and share your heartfelt guidance.

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Queen of Pentacles

Sitting idly in her power, a boisterous woman brainstorms new ways to bring life to dead land.

General Behavior/Persona: Motherly, Joyful, Outgoing, Practical

Keywords: A Mother Figure, Nurturing Relationships, Health/Wellness

Thoughts: This Queen is earthy, mother like and the type who gives care to everyone she comes into contact with. She also has quite the green thumb and takes pleasure in spending time outdoors.

When she shows in your reading, it’s a good time to nurture your relationships. Open your arms to those around you and offer your help when needed.
As an alternate, this Queen can also imply a need to focus in on your own health matters. Make sure your regimen aligns with your personal goals so that you can flourish and prosper.

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