My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Sevens

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Seven of Swords

Hidden in the shadows, a local swindler carefully prepares for her next heist. 

General Behavior/Persona: Chameleon like, Cunning, Duplicitous, Untrustworthy, Devious

Keywords: Deception, Theft, Trickery, Stealth

Thoughts: When this Seven rears its head,it pays to look in all directions. Be mindful of those around you as someone could try to take advantage of your good nature.  Or, you could be considering a less than ethical approach to a situation. Take heed of your personal values and reevaluate your motives if necessary.

As an alternate, this card can also imply a need to step out of the limelight for the time being. Avoid any unnecessary drama and temporarily find comfort in the shadows.


Seven of Wands

With the swing of a fist and a well timed drop kick, the annual wasteland games are underway.

General Behavior/Persona: N/A

Keywords: Competitions, Displays of Strength, Defense, Holding Your Ground

Thoughts: When this Seven shows in your reading, you could be entering into friendly competitions with others, rooting for the underdog, or standing up for what you believe in This is a good time to stay strong and continue pushing through.

Seven of Cups

Unsure of the best remedy, a young woman ponders over her tonic of choice.

General Behavior/Persona: Daydreamer, Indecisive, Flighty, Fickle

Keywords: Choices, Illusions, Uncertainty

Thoughts: When this Seven shows, you might be faced with several options and feel uncertain which direction to go. Know the confusion you feel is temporary and the clear choice will present itself soon enough.

As an alternate, this card can also point to tempting offers. Be mindful of what you accept and make sure everything aligns with your best interests.

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Seven of Pentacles

Cool and carefree, a young dreamer hopes the break he’s waited for is near.

General Behavior/Persona: Patient, Hopeful, Positive, Easy Going, In the Moment

Keywords: Patience, Awaiting Results, Slow Progress, Growth Over Time

Thoughts: When this Seven shows, you are likely waiting to reap the rewards of seeds you have planted in the past. Stay patient and allow everything to come together.

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