My Guide to Sinking Wasteland Tarot – The Tens

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ten of Swords

Pinned and too afraid to take the plunge, a young woman lay in ruin.


General Behavior/Persona: Negative Minded, Insecure, Unsure of Self

Keywords: Devastation, Ruin, Endings, Moving beyond the past, Pain and Suffering for a reason

Thoughts: When this Ten shows in your reading, it is likely you are going through a difficult period. Whether that’s due to mental demons or other factors, this is a good time to let go of the past and leave the outdated parts of yourself behind. Let it all go and realize there is still a bright future waiting for you. All you have to do is take the leap.


Ten of Wands

Determined to a fault, a local strongman carries all the supplies needed to finish building out his new home.

General Behavior/Persona: Jolly, Extroverted, Outspoken

Keywords: Pushing Past One’s Limits, Being Weighed Down, Determination Despite Challenge, Overwhelm

Thoughts: When this Ten shows, you may be at your limit. This is a good time to trust you do have the ability to finish the tasks presented to you. No matter the challenges, keep going.

As an alternate, this card also points to a feeling of overwhelm. Take a step back if needed and reassess your situation. It’s likely you’ll find a better way.

Ten of Cups

Oblivious to their surroundings, a happy family finds cause to bring joy into their world. 

General Behavior/Persona: N/A

Keywords: Happy Endings, Love of all kinds, Attainment, Joy, Family, Connection, Marriage

Thoughts: When this Ten shows in your reading, happy and joyful times are on the horizon.  Take time to connect with others, share the joy, and celebrate this auspicious period.

As an alternate, this card can also point to family and a need to spend more time bonding with them. Make plans to do something outside of the normal routine. Your bond and connection will grow stronger as a result.

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Ten of Pentacles

Ready to step aside, a wealthy wasteland business owner prepares to hand his legacy to the next generation. 

General Behavior/Persona: Shrewd, Extroverted, Analytical, Practical

Keywords: Family, Legacies, Business Ownership, Fatherhood

Thoughts: When this Ten shows in your reading, it is likely you have achieved a major milestone in your life. Whether financial or otherwise, take time to celebrate this moment and prepare to reap the rewards of all of your efforts.

As an alternate, this card also points to the family unit, your obligations within the family and highlights the importance of these connections. Make sure you are pulling your weight and following through on your commitments.

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