My Reading Method – Relationships

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’m primarily a profiler and am pretty good at it. When I feel comfortable with someone, I usually get a hit on the person they are looking into right away. I see right through their cover. It’s almost like I can slide right into that person's energy and gain a well rounded understanding. I get the way they think, the way they feel, their behaviors and other aspects of their personality I’m supposed to know. I’ve always been able to do this. It’s weird.

I do have to connect properly to the person in order to read, though.  In situations where I don’t, I won’t proceed. It’s too easy to misinterpret things and I refuse to work blind. I also won’t read in instances where something feels off to me or if it feels like I’m being fed misinformation. I could be paranoid here, but I do have a pretty good built in bs detector. To put it simply, if I get weird vibes, it’s game over. I'm like that in life, too. Sometimes I feel guilty for not liking someone before I know them.

Most of the time, I will turn to Lenormand once I connect. I work better with symbols and puzzles; they are easier for me to decipher. Sometimes, I can even see them moving around in my head. This only happens in situations where I feel comfortable with the client. I connect so much better this way. When I read for my friend Sondra or just have my head fully shut down , I get tuned in so deep I usually don’t even lay anything down, I just kick back and go. I see movies playing out and I’m able to feel out every person and the whole environment. It's like second nature during those times.

Maybe I just need thicker skin or something, but I dislike it greatly when people come to me with angry or defensive energy. I can work through anxious, but not this. It’s harder for me to cut through when they have their shields up and phasers set to kill. It’s normal to be anxious and worried sometimes, but it’s inappropriate for people to look for reasons to start a battle with their advisor.

The first spread I throw down is usually in relation to what’s going on with the person. Then, I feel out the relationship or the connection in general by using my understanding of the person and what’s going on with them. Knowing both of those aspects helps me better understand where things currently stand. This also allows me to better explain the feelings involved in the situation as well as the current thoughts. Lastly, I explain what I feel/see upcoming. That comes through in flashes sometimes or I'll hear something; it’s hard to explain, but I do usually throw down a spread on the relationship itself too and it’s quite a telling experience. I don’t know how the right information comes through on these cards at all, but it’s truly mind blowing sometimes.

I do prefer to look at the short term because long term predictions are dangerous. I feel the same way about timeframes. I'll do time frames every once in a while, but I don’t like the expectations these things create. Expectations change behaviors, so any deviation from the normal authentic self can impact outcomes. Your best bet is to take the information you receive, stick it in your pocket, trust it, continue to live your life and then let things play out organically. It works much better that way.

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