Passive Has Its Place

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For the past several months, I’ve been attached to a situation that has brought misery, stress and a whole slew of other emotions I’d rather not feel. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few benefits as well. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve faced the darker parts of my past and moved beyond them. I even feel as though I’m stronger today with more confidence, but overall, the difficulties have outweighed the positives.

Because of my passive nature, I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to appease and rehabilitate in this situation. I tried to push the importance of love and compassion, but I’m not confident it’s my place to try and rescue anymore.

I know we can only lead a horse to water and the truth is, I still have more growth to do myself, but last night I finally spoke my mind. I took charge for a short period and threw everything out there. I openly explained how this situation has made me feel and was direct about what is acceptable to me and what is not. I wasn’t worried about retribution or pushback either. I didn’t care. I just knew I needed to state my concerns.

I would honestly encourage others to do the same. It feels good and sometimes it’s needed. Take a look at the connections in your life and determine if they are healthy for you. Passive behavior has its place, but know it’s okay to temporarily set it to the side and be direct. They need to know you won’t tolerate being bullied or pushed around. They need to understand you aren’t here to cater to their whims and be left feeling powerless. They need to realize you have feelings too and that they could lose you if the behavior continues.

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