Spiritual Diets

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There is a lot of talk out there regarding spiritual diets, their effects and the ways they can open people up, but they are overrated. While it's not my place to take away from anyone's belief, I feel compelled to offer a different thought process on this topic altogether based on my own personal experiences.

First of all, I do not believe you need to eat anything specific to feel more spiritual or open up your awareness. That ideology is really nothing more than a mechanism of belief—a way of thinking that leads one to feel that a certain food has a special power behind it. The truth is, your belief is what changes everything. The moment you believe in what you are able to do is the same moment everything starts to open up for you. In essence, it's no different than believing you can ride a bicycle without training wheels. If you feel you can, you will. If you don't believe you can, you are likely going to fall a lot because your head is getting in the way.

I do, however, strongly believe in proper nutrition. Opening up your spiritual self, finding out what you are capable of doing and feeling clear to keep moving forward is directly tied to your current physical well being. If you feel good, it's much easier to push energy into something other than your physical self. When you aren't feeling well or on those days when you feel drained and sluggish, not only is it more difficult to focus, it's also more challenging to find the strength inside of you to hone in on something else.

For me, changing the way I ate and my overall regimen did wonders. I tend to be an emotional eater—the type who will eat every sweet in sight when I feel down and depressed. This behavior not only wreaked havoc on my body (in an opposite way than one would expect) it also destroyed my ability to stay in tune and maintain my level of connection. I was so sluggish and cloudy all the time, I could barely work with my clientele, let alone connect to anything else. As soon as I turned things around, everything began to shift. My perceptions blew wide open again. I regained my confidence, my strength and was better able to face a lot of my fears and start down a path that brought me real joy.

Rather than getting caught up in a restrictive program where you will likely be made to feel as though every move you make is the wrong one, consider a healthy regimen instead. Take part in a balanced program that fits your needs and works for you. You know what makes sense and what doesn't. You know what types of food make you feel good and what exercise regimen lifts you up.

If you have felt down, have been struggling to access your intuitive self or constantly feel cloudy and don't know what direction to go, take a look at yourself. Put your habits in check and make a change right now, today. Not only will you feel more confident and gain a lot of lost energy, you may even start tapping into parts of yourself you didn't even know were there.

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