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"My experience with Bryan was excellent. From the ease of appointment booking, to his clearly amazing and accurate gifts. He picked up on someone without even a name given, and he did it with ease and immense detail. I will surely be seeking out his services again in the future. You will not be disappointed reading with him. He has a soothing presentation and tone, is not a fairytale reader, and is not going to give you anything but the truth. Thank you so much Bryan! Talk to you soon!! ❤️"

"An inspiring man!! Very attuned to my circumstance, no BS, but still compassionate. I knew there was a reason I just had to meet Bryan and my gut never let me down at all in this case. I have learned a lot about myself in the last couple of hours. I believe Bryan to be straight up and honest as well as caring about finding a solution or a path that will better your life. If he can do this for me, then I believe that he can do it for anyone... Thanks a lot Bryan! Much Love, Min"


beautiful, wonderful man, full of real and worthwhile advice... i will start ASAP ... gave me hope where i had none... thank you and bless youî


Bryan is genuine, empathetic and generous with his time and gifts. I appreciate him very much and wouldn't hesitate for a moment in recommending him to a friend. He is truly here to help. Thank you again Bryan :)î


Great reader, makes things very clear. Highly recomended.î


very kind, accurate, cares about his clients, i really enjoyed my talk with bryan and will be backî


Bryan knew a lot about the situation that I didn't have to tell him. He had a lot of insights into the other person that were spot on, and he had some great advice. I felt he was very honest.î


Bryan, thank you for being generous for your time. I appreciate your keen ability to tune into my situation. Thank you for the advice!î


Bryan has confirmed what I have felt but wasn't sure about. He always bring the clarity to the clouded situation. I'm still contemplating on our chat and trying to set a direction for my own self. Wasn't happy to hear things aren't the way I want it to be but that was what I was expecting to get from this reading. Purpose is served well.î


First let me tell you without a doubt I have made a new friend. I would bet my house that Bryan cares more about his clients than their money, trust me there. As for his reading, picked up everything and was honest to a fault. the good and the bad... Thank you Bryan! I will come back in the New Year should J open up more by then ~î


Such a awesome soul... Very kind.. caring.. generous and truthful...I am very thankful he read for me tonight.. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU BRYAN!!!!î


Cannot be anymore grateful for Bryan. He may have only a few reviews here but all tell the truth. I'm glad I finally got a hold of him. Please do talk to Bryan and you won't be disappointed. My head is clear now and I know what to do.î


I have called a good few readers on Bitwine and it is rare I have a reading with someone who I feel genuinely connected to and is there for the right reasons. Bryan is one of those readers. Like talking to a good friend, insightful, honest and very generous in heart and time. Great reading, I will be back 🙂 xî


He knows me so well, it's amazing, i recommend bryan to anyone that needs clarity and truth.î


WOW! Very honest and everything he said made sense! Thanks so much Bryan!!!! Trust him he knows what he is talking about.î


Bryan is accurate and very understanding. Helped me so much, I rate him very highlyî


Caring. wonderful reader. helped me a lot. give him a try. u wont be disappointed :)î


Simply put, Bryan is an excellent reader. He is easy to talk to, coming from a good place (wants to help), generous with his time and his skills, and super genuine. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Thanks again for the nice chat and for the clarity, Bryan :)î


Great read, so down to earth and realistic and connected, He wasn't too positive nor too negative...felt dead on...liked reading with him....î