Two Quick Tips to Help Your Relationships Go The Distance

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I love this little deck so much. It’s moody, but it’s blunt and I appreciate that. It’s the Adorabyssal Oracle by Pixel Occult

I wanted to throw a couple of cards tonight. I’ve been talking about relationship stuff all day today so I figured why not. I'll keep it short, but I like the cards here and two key points stood out to me.

The first is about overall focus. When two people are together they need to simply be together. Focus on the future is normal, but doing it too much or getting wrapped up in an outcome takes away from what’s right in front of you. Embrace what's there and celebrate that. Otherwise, your watery focus can put your fire out. It dampens what you have.

The second point is about being obsessive. The Lampad’s flames were even known to drive people mad when they looked into them so make sure you maintain balance . Everyone goes through a honeymoon stage (maybe even a few of them) and that’s great. It’s actually quite fun, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing anything important to you in the process. Keep yourself in check

Of course there’s more to it, but things can improve in your connections when you strive for life balance and spend more time simply enjoying each other. It’s a good way to grow.

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