Week of 6.20 Oracle Message

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This week's Oracle brings a message of foundations, growth and upward movement. It's a good week to think about your core values, your ethics and a time to ask yourself if the structures you are standing on have been built with honesty and integrity.

Whether you are working to grow a business, improve yourself or even trying to create stability and harmony in your relationship life—focus on transparency this week. Communicate honestly and ensure your actions align with what you feel inside. While it's always possible to take shortcuts and experience quick bursts of growth, doing so can ultimately result in a faulty design that tumbles to the ground.

Take a slow and steady approach this week and make sure the foundations you build count. Ensure the cement and glue that holds everything together has been blessed with your innermost principles and core beliefs. When you lead with purity and feel good about all of your choices, you can trust what you build will stand the test of time and weather even the most difficult storms.

Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reed

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