Why I Don’t Like YouTube Psychic Readings.

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When I first started looking into video, I ran through several different styles on YouTube and I really struggle with most it. First, it’s not possible to offer a predictive relationship reading that way nor is it possible to deliver an accurate representation of someone's feelings and thoughts. Relationships are matters of the heart and hearts deserved to be looked at one on one. Readers can tell themselves that their videos are for anyone drawn to them all they want, but that’s really pushing it. Not only do vague generalizations feed fantasy, they can also cause harm. There are too many folks out there who spend their entire day contacting different psychic advisors. Once they spend all their money, they go from video to video or frantically throw down their own tarot cards at home without realizing they are only pulling fears.

For anyone who is doing this, take it from someone who has experience here. If you are biased and fearful about something, you are done. It’s over. Every garbage card in your deck will fall out right at once. Then the fear grows, the mindset spirals, and the behavior repeats. Think about that cycle.

Sadly, I get it. I was that guy. I got trapped and duped several years ago by a fairytale reader selling sunshine and rainbows. I rode that train for two whole years. Thankfully, she didn’t try to sell me bullshit spells or overpriced nonsense meditations. I probably would have chugged that Kool Aid, too. I was a mess back then, all the time. It’s embarrassing, but it is what it is. To this day, it’s still hard to refrain from trying to figure things out at home and I still slip up. It’s a difficult behavior to move past.  When you are the type who picks up things so well for most everyone else, it’s especially frustrating when you feel you can’t obtain clarity for yourself. You can, though. You have to learn to trust and flow. They work together. When you do, the insight comes through. Listen to it and keep going.

On a personal note: this is exactly what I am trying to do right now. I feel it’s important for certain things in my life. 

Besides the obsessive issues, the readings themselves are understandably vague. They are also presented in a Shakespearean like way and paint pictures of tragic love stories with the potential for a bright future and happy ending. They don’t all end happily ever after, but even the difficult endings may not be true. With these readings, as soon as the pile is picked and the tiniest aspect resonates, the viewer is hooked. Even more so when the entire reading aligns with one's own thoughts on a situation. I even got pulled into one, but this is when potential fantasy and fallacy take over. It's a trap.

Non personalized relationship readings have the capacity to create confusion and change someone’s outward behavior. This can cause them to step away from their authentic self. Unexpected behavioral changes produced by this ambiguous information can actually negatively impact a potentially great connection. I've ruined situations by doing this before. It is a tough lesson.

Keep in mind, the outcome might even be spot on for some. When thousands of people watch a video, readers are bound to nail it sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe these readers are bad. In fact, I feel most of them are highly talented especially when you compare them to the charlatan types who lick their lips in glee at someone who is emotionally unarmed. The messages themselves, however, are too broad and may not actually be true for someone's unique personal situation. These readers should know better and again, you cannot replace a one on one personalized reading.

I’m not saying people should simply come to me at all. I don’t claim to be perfect and I’ve admittedly misinterpreted messages before, but you learn from it and move forward. It's also important to go to someone you feel very drawn to.

I believe public videos should be centered more around guidance. If readers want to ask their viewership to pick from a pile, the reading itself should revolve around aspects of one’s life to focus in on including methods on how to do so. If viewers need help with their relationships, the videos should include messages people need to hear for their own personal well being and growth, not insight about another person or the outcome of their personal situation. I just can’t imagine thousands of people going through the exact same dramatic and tragic love story.

There are some readers who do a great job at this. Gregory Scott stands out as probably the best. He offers detailed guidance via Tarot and by using his expansive astrological knowledge. His public videos focus in on empowering guidance to help navigate challenges the best possible way. We need more videos like this.

In summary, please be mindful when viewing videos of this nature and if you need personal guidance, please schedule a one on one session with someone you trust. It’s the only real way to gain specific insight into a difficult situation. Or, you can simply choose to continue flowing and trusting your own intuition. That can work out surprisingly well for you.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have worked all aspects of this business from front line reader to managing an entire network. I’ve seen it all and it has become one of my missions to systematically dissemble the vast amount of scamming, misinformation and disgusting behavior that goes on in this industry. It’s the only way to remove the stigma.

In upcoming articles, I will be discussing:

  • How to Spot a CharlatanQuick tip: refrain from those who offer spells and base their legitimacy on how many generations of psychics ran through their family or nonsense accuracy percentages.
  • The Ins and Outs of Networks - including the shady behavior that goes on behind the scenes. Quick tip: Be mindful of some of the apps out there.


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